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Laughter is like Medicine for the Soul

My sister in Christ and good friend Darlene McCoy did a parody of the gospel hit “Take Me to the King” by David and Tamela Mann called “Take Me to Burger King”.

It is hilarious. The next post I publish will be announcing I’ve finished the novel and am getting ready for publication but until then check out this video and let laughter heal your soul! We take lotsa other things viral this is some good, clean, Christian FUN! For the people offended by this because the original is “your song” ask yourself are you more enthralled with the vocal gift of Tamela and David Mann or the giver of that gift? God gave Darlene her vocals and comedic gift. I still love the original but this is hilarious as well!

Laugh or don’t laugh. HAVE IT YOUR WAY! hahahaha. 
Tear a burger to pieces with some onion rings….classic … whew!