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Introducing Adventures of Juicy Mouth

In the studio today recording What is a Diamond Butterfly and My Testimony for the audio book of DIAMOND BUTTERFLY: SHARE HEAL SPARKLE SHINE FLY forced  encourage me to fall in love  embrace my speaking voice. There is the issue of my ever present lisp which warranted me the nickname of “Sylvester” (like the cat from Looney Tunes) and embarrassment any time I speak spoke into a mic.

Never mind I have been talking on a regular basis into a microphone since childhood. Even after I stopped singing in choirs. School activities, college antics and church commitments have placed me in front of a microphone. I escaped the need to hear my voice by focusing on something else. That is hard to do when you have earphones on your head so you can hear yourself.

I’ve embarked on what I consider the recording adventures of “Juicy Mouth.” (LOL) Reading prose in front of a mic while pretending not to be nervous creates for me “juicy mouth.” (I’m not someone who produces excess saliva in everyday life.) So today I learned how hard it is to talk for hours into the mic. I have an even greater respect for voice over professionals. They are a gifted group of professionals. I’m reading my devotionals because I’ve been told by those I consider part of my wise council that readers would be blessed by the passion in my voice when I share my experiences on the path to wholeness.

I’ll keep you posted through the process. Working on this is exciting. I love the thought of being able to share  DIAMOND BUTTERFLY devotionals in audio book form. God continues to blow my mind.

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