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I Am Gonna Tell You A Secret

I have your attention right?   
September is when I push to make sure I have a strong finish the final quarter of the year. I take August of every year to see where I am based on what I planned, desired and wanted to accomplish. 2012, I’ve made some progress, exceeded some of my expectations and fallen short in several areas so I’d say it has been a growth year. 
For next year, my focus is on changing my daily habits so I’m able to consistently accomplish quality productivity. My motto and scripture to stand on “I can do all things through Christ who give me strength.” So my theme for 2013 will be simple but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. 
Continuing to bring healthy back remains at the top of my list, that must become an everyday no matter WHAT part of my lifestyle. A big lesson this year is instead of allowing life to upset my workout schedule I need to reduce the intensity of my workouts when I encounter intense condensed amounts of stress. High intensity workouts/stressful workouts in stressful moments is NOT healthy. By realizing this I’ve begun looking for new FUN moderate to low intensity works so I’ll still make time to take care of myself in the midst of stress…I may need to invest in an elliptical machine and Pilates DVDs in my future *smile*
 My everyday responsibilities will increase, which means my productivity must increase though quality cannot be compromised. In addition to spending quality time with God, being the wife He desires for me to be, leaning on Him to be a parent, writing and serving God’s people, I’ll also be a full time student and launching into the next dimension on my wholeness career path. 
For some that may read like it is too much. I know it’s not because He won’t put more on me than I can bear. My instructions from Him are clear and making excuses, complaining and negative thinking are not an option. So what is the secret? 
Yes it is! The secret is I begin changing my habits, shifting my behavior and changing my lifestyle to meet the new years goals in October or November of the preceding year. I don’t agree with the saying “practice makes perfect.” If you practice something wrong …you’ll do it wrong no matter how much you practice it. 
I heard a remix of that saying is “perfect practice makes perfect.” Is that right? 
Perfection is an ILLUSION! I’m NOT about that life. Trying to be perfect, have the perfect life, be the perfect wife, be the perfect friend, be the perfect mother, be the perfect writer, be the perfect publisher , be the perfect SIZE …be perfect in general —ALMOST KILLED ME!
Stress of that magnitude is not for me. So I went “BrokeBack Mountain” and told perfection “I quit you!”
Practice makes PRODUCTIVE. For me PRODUCTIVE is the new “perfect.” 
Now you know, my secret is out. I smile more, am healthier, sleep GREAT at night and have a sunnier disposition, more joy and happier life because I stopped trying be perfect so I could be productive. 
Productivity, I’m !