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How a poem by Shawneda posted in honor of National Poetry Month


How can I tell the world
About a love so pure?
What word can I use to express the things You helped me endure?
What would be the verb to use
To describe the action you take?
What would be the adverb to
Support how important the
Words are You say?
Every day something new, I find a passion for you
greater than the day before
and expectant on tomorrow
to love you the more…what would be the steps to dance to
worship and praise You for the given chance 
to grow closer to You I cannot find the song to
sing to match the melody to
bring a true and marvelous light to who You are, I am so
glad that we can worship in
spirit and truth cause although
in the natural it cannot be seen
in the spirit I can express
what our relationship means.

originally published in “All I Ever Wanted: From God, From Life, From People”
a poetry anthology by Shawneda


Still learning how everyday.
How do you tell the world about God’s love?

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