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Hope You Enjoy a Merry Christmas as Much as I Enjoyed My Concussion Experience

For hundreds of years, we’ve celebrated Jesus’ birthday.
Not sure what you received for Christmas but whatever it is
I hope if you haven’t accepted the ultimate gift of 
an intimate, dynamic relationship with God you’ll consider one today. 
Feliz Navidad!
Life has a funny way of showing you the way to go sometimes. 
Concussion is a commercial David and Goliath story about the discovery of 
While I abhor spoilers I LOVE and devour good writing. 
This script offered a few one-liners everyone should hear which I 
felt the need to tweet. 
My eyes were tuned up for tears when Dr. Omalu told his new houseguest…
“Need is not weakness. Need is need.”
For someone like me, who’s been thankful for the help extended and struggled to accept and many times ask for it without help from God… I needed to hear this and appreciate the truth of this statement. 
This was the Christmas gift I believe God had for me. 
Need is not weakness. Need is need. 
Go see this movie if you are a  movie theatre type of person.
 If not rent or buy it when available,
you’re welcome!
One more time Merry Christmas!

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