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Honoring the Dream on Dr. Martin Luther King Day

We hold these truths to be self evident…
Without the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
and those committed to the cause of 
equality, freedom and human rights 
many of the strides made to give
access to the “American Dream” may not have 
been realized today. 
President Barack Obama and every African American 
whose been the “first” to do anything outside of slavery 
is due to the sacrifice of Dr. King and the sacrifices 
made in NONVIOLENT LOVE-based protest.
No one knows what today’s world would be without 
the courage to answer God’s call and live the purpose
for his life. Dr. King found the courage to dream
and because of his dream racial issues in America 
are no longer what they used to be and prayerfully we’ll 
never return to those days again. 
Let’s honor the dream and find ways to build 
successful strategies, plans and alliances 
built in love to continue to moving toward
an America where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream.
The sacrifices made by Dr. King and everyone involved 
in the Civil Rights movement were the beginning 
and we must never forget.

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