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Homage to the Poets Who Inspired Me to Write for National Poetry Month

My love of poetry started before I knew Maya Angelou existed
I fell in love with the words and playful patterns of childhood favorite
Master of dark, fun, light, funky and playful word artistry Shel Silverstein
I’ve read ALL of his books and own A Light in the Attic… 
Homework Oh Homework being my favorite by Mr. Silverstein
Alongside my love for Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou 
is a love for 19th Century poetry and lighter happy fare
Many of the more famous poets Dickinson and especially Poe
were more serious and dark but I love a happy poem…
I write serious poetry but most of it has some hope or light in it.
Of course Psalms is one of my top five books in the bible
Poetry of Psalms and Song of Songs aka Song of Solomon
Will bless your life and get you heated… 
My first ventures into publication were poetry 
My heart will always beat with a poetic meter
If you haven’t read a good poem lately 
Check out one of my favorites or 
if you’re into new poets Alicia Keys wrote a poetry book…
My favorites will always be Maya, Nikki, and Shel… 
Happy last day of poetry month. 

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