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Here is a Little Something for the Readers, a Little Something for the Readers

I figured it would be easier to get since this post and everything I talk about in it will benefit you.
The end of the year is nigh and you have only eight more days to enter the contest to win the workout DVDs. 
Didn’t seem right to end the year on such a note, so there is another giveaway starting…
You knew I couldn’t give you the information, that easy. 
A new Goodreads giveaway lasting from December 08, 2012 until January 08, 2012
for two copies of Diamond Butterfly Wings of Purpose, Karats of Destiny. 
That is right not one but TWO! That is how much I was thinking about you. Couldn’t do it for one, wanted to bless two people with a copy of the devotional. 
So hope you’re enjoying the end of the year. Have a God-kissed weekend. 
Remember to come back tomorrow to enter the giveaway. Just click on the Freebies page. 

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