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Have a Stupendous 2016 Becoming Who You Really Are

April 2016 represents 10 years as a published author.
My guardian angel upgraded from super hero aka
my Dad saw my gift and encouraged me all my life
that no matter what I do, write. 
More than twenty years later and I’m excited to be celebrating 
10 YEARS as a published author this April. 
I’m excited to be completing a BBA and then Masters in a field where the 
creativity and writing He recognized as a gift will be used daily. 
I’m thankful for friends and readers who’ve prayed for me.
Prayers for strength, courage, tenacity,
endurance and hope to continue writing 
through the tough times, lean times and
when the financial return diminished.
Waiting to start something new, or make resolutions isn’t my thing.
When I recognize the need to make a change I research
what needs to be done emotionally and financially. 
Then start as soon as I’m able to do so.
Sometimes life hands out moments, opportunities, 
situations, hardships, challenges, and experiences
we can’t plan for that shape us. 
My life depends on the ability to rely on God to 
provide the means for everything in my life
to work toward a positive end for me.
Everything hasn’t felt good, or been because I’m good.
(I’m pretty good at being “bad”.)
One thing I know to be true is He always
makes everything work out to my benefit.
He always has and always will… 
Have an amazing, stupendous 2016
and believe with me that everything you encounter this year
in the end will benefit you in the end. 

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