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God Inspired Girl Power Write Tracks for Open My Heart

Every book has come with it’s own write tracks.
Open My Heart is no different.
Every writing session begins with UnWritten by Natasha Bedingfeld
This cannot and shouldn’t change… it sets the mood
Some of my favorite go to God Inspired Girl Power Music 
comes from the beautiful Beckah Shae who I met and hung out with on a cruise back in 2008. 
She has one of the purest hearts I have ever seen.
The other staples come from Michelle William’s new album
These songs keep me focused on the spirit of what is being written
This book has so many dark places in it waiting for God’s light.
Had to have a super powerful playlist.
My newest closeout  to my writing staples is 
Write Your Story by Francesca Battistelli
Not really a big “gospel music” fan in case you hadn’t noticed…
Judge me (I’m too free being me to let it bother me)
… or try out one of the songs…
You might be surprised how much you like them.
Here is the Open My Heart Write Tracks
1. “Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfeld 
2. “Holy” Beckah Shae 
3. “Need Your Help” Michelle Williams
4.#PutYourLoveGlassesOn Beckah Shae
5. “If We Had Your Eyes” Michelle Williams
6. “Gold” Beckah Shae
7 “Free” Michelle Williams
8. “Hope” Beckah Shae
9. “Just Like You” Michelle Williams
10. “Supernova” Beckah Shae
11. “Beautiful” Michelle Williams
12. “Write Your Story” Francesca Battistelli
Writing a story involving the seething hotbed of LGBTQ and Christian issues
requires prayer, love glasses, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Having the courage to look beyond how someone hurt you in the past
and listen to the still small voice telling you to trust Him because they can change
just like God helped you change… requires seeing through God’s eyes.
These songs like the music playing while I’ve written every book
captures the frustration and hope of the characters.
Pressing play and stop helps me climb out of the lives being written.
Not just because I love sangin but because music flows through my veins
these songs will help me tell Stacey, Rosalyn and Solomon’s story.
These songs are instrumental to the writing process for me
these songs are necessary to 

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