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God Inspired Girl Power to #Forgive

The truth is I’m not as strong as people believe I am.
My ability to live a lifestyle of forgiveness is a team effort. 
God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit give me the power to forgive. 
I’m relying on them… again… because I need them now
More than ever before to forgive again… more. 
I forgave myself and my ex-husband for failing to stay married. 
Today I also forgive the other person involved. 
Did I want a divorce? No.
Did I fight for my marriage? Yes. 
Was I a “perfect” wife? No. 
My first act of submission was planning a church wedding instead of eloping. 
My last act of submission was filing for divorce. 
I did my best. 
God helped me forgive all the people who offered to help me after my life crumbled around me. 
He showed me my true friends… 
He helped me forgive and forget the pain of empty offers from the rest. 
#iForgive the ones who found some sick pleasure in my pain…
yep them too. 

Even the people who don’t believe they did anything wrong. 
I asked God to help me forgive them too. 
Some folks never say sorry… 
but I still say #iForgive you.

Life has taught me a few things. 
None more powerful than the need to make forgiveness a lifestyle. 
A choice I have to make over and over again. 
Because God continues to forgive me over and over again. 

For all the people who judged me
For all the people who tried to control me to benefit their lives
For all the people who dismissed my pain 
By the grace of God…#iForgive you 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes.
I’m going to make a lot more. 
No guilt. 
No shame. 
No regret. 
This is the area I need God’s help the most…
My intention is to never fail
My intention is to never hurt anyone else
But I fail and I hurt others and I hurt myself
So yeah… 
#iForgive me too. 

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