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GIG PowHer: God Inspired Girl Power to Be My Brother and Sister’s Keeper

By this time next week the title above
and last installment in the Red Ribbon Collection
will be published on Kindle, Nook and Kobo
with plans to conquer the fun challenge of 
uploading all of the preceding novels and
Open My Heart to 
iTunes and Google Play as soon as possible.  
God had to speak to me through my bestie to write this book. 
Cause I was good with closing the series out on LOVING MY RESULTS. 
I never planned on a 3rd or 4th book on HIV/AIDS awareness.
Writing the first book before my friend OJ died about HIV/AIDS awareness
hadn’t even entered my mind. 
My naïveté regarding the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS 
in the early 2000s loomed greater than the sadness I have for
the dismissive attitude toward safety some people have now. 
One truth then and now is this… 
HIV/AIDS is a preventable disease. 
Practicing safe sex while fumbling, falling and reeling
through the emotions of physical intimacy may not feel romantic
but valuing your future enough to have an awkward conversation
or even kill the vibe is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. 
Whether you use a condom or not use a condom
isn’t my decision to make. 
If you’re having consensual sex
in a monogamous or polygamous relationship how you’ll 
protect yourself in moments of passion is your decision. 
I know it’s easier typed than done.
In healthy relationships we want safe sex to include
Trust. Monogamy. Love. Intimacy. Pleasure. 
No one wants to think about bad stuff. 
Infidelity. STDs. T-Cell Counts. Meds. 
Living with the outcome of choosing to trust the wrong person
is a risk everyone takes when they decide not to use protection. 
These stories are fictional depictions of people living 
with HIV/AIDS inside the community of faith. 
The stories include the good, bad and everything in between. 
In addition to hope, love, faith and entertainment I hope 
each person who reads any of these stories or the new book 
OPEN MY HEART will be encouraged to at the least
have a serious conversation about safe sex 
with yourself and current or future partners. 
Be considerate and courageous enough to use a condom
 if you aren’t being monogamous. 
I’m not saying approaching these conversational topics is easy
I’m saying being responsible with the decisions you make 
and honest about the seriousness of using protecting is important 
because your life, future and purpose are worth it. 

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