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Get Stoked about Us Starting Serial Fiction Series in 2013 Something to Read Between Novels

Five girls who left earth too soon are coming back with a serious assignment. They are coming back to free other girls being held captive and take down the very people who brought their young lives to an abrupt end. Trained by the fiercest warriors in eternity they are ready to take down any and every demon in hell and on earth to do it. Searching for their targets. Rescuing them from harm. Destroying their enemies.

Serialized on Wattpad and the Diamond Butterfly Angels Blog starting January 2013
Updated covers and release date coming soon… updated Jan 2016

Real FirstWives E Series

Real Firstwives is the first E-Series by Shawneda check out the first few
Kendalynn Thompson, Elaine Bright, Patronda Lyles and Carmandi Prescott are getting to know each other as the world watches. These ladies have signed up for a new reality show pitched to them at a private invitation luncheon honoring inspirational women. Now they are learning how hard it may be to live church life in the spotlight.
 These characters will be here soon but not in this venue… stay tuned. Covers and characters have been “upcycled.”
Available on WattPad and Blog March 2013

updated Jan , 2016 
Favor reigns in Southern California, see you when we tape there!

We are excited about the women interested in joining the cast of  blessed and highly favored  women pastors and pastor’s wives in Divinity Hill, CA.

Preparation for taping has begun all cast members are selected.
Stay tuned! 
 HIP HIP HOORAY for Faith and Fun in the SUN!

Cheerleading brought them together and with God’s help NOTHING will tear or keep them apart. You will have to pray for anyone who doesn’t love the Real Firstwives of Citrus City.

Stay tuned to find out more about them and when they begin taping their first episode

Cupcake Investigators
Mystery sprinkled with fun, suspense and romance.

Y’vonn loves nothing more than family, friends and baking. The only thing that outshines her oven creations is her striking presence. Oblivious to her beauty, she focuses on making her local loved cupcakery America’s next “sweetheart” start-up. One thing keeps blocking her dream of becoming a national baking sensation, a twin with a penchant for pulling her into precarious predicaments.
Y’vann is a martial arts phenom, with a body sculpted to perfection and a face to match. Inquisitive, inspired and in need of a job that utilizes her physical expertise, passion for gadgets and analytic prowess she opened her private investigation firm next door to her sister’s cupcake boutique. The only thing she loves more than serving her clients is her older (by two minutes) sister.

Coming May 2013  Praying about what to do with this idea… 

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