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Forgiveness is Essential Poem in honor of National Poetry Month

No matter what the 
circumstance we all 
must ask for another 
chance. Even if what we 
have done seems small
or not as bad as other 
things seen or heard about. 
No sin makes God glad.
There is no guide or color
code no different degrees
with Him- right is right
wrong is wrong sin is
simply sin. No one else
has qualified to erase
it from themselves so
He sent Jesus Christ
to sacrifice and 
reconcile us to Himself. 
The only one who
can stand in. an
advocate on our behalf.
Who says yes Father
they did sin but I died
to liberate man. To the
lowest region of hell, and
then to heavens highest
realm. Jesus came died
rose again with all
power in His hand. Tested
tempted and rejected still
He did not fail, how many
will benefit and not go down
to hell? All those who see
then understand forgiveness
is essential to be right with
God and man. 

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