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First Episode of Real Firstwives Metropolis Airs May

Starting next week Cheers TV will be reintroducing the new Firstwives of Metropolis so you’re up to date with everything going on with them once the show “airs”.

Our initial desire was to offer The Real Firstwives as an episodic e-book series and that is being done now via Kindle’s blog subscription service. Be the first to find out what happens each week.

If you don’t have a kindle  you can purchase the e-books once the season ends. The entire season with bonus clips and the reunion show will be available in the e-book via kindle and all other e-reader devices.

 You are going to LOVE how Kendalynn, Patronda, Elaine and Carmandi are living church life in the spotlight.

I tried but I just couldn’t waste these awesome ladies on this horrible idea… this one was a fail… and I’m not ashamed of it… oh well… you’ll see where they land. (updated Jan 7, 2016)