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Editing is DONE and I Hit Publish so Check Your Ebook Store to See if it is Available

The pink pen is gone (I find it as effective but less intimidating than red.) I’ve gone through all the edits. For this novel I added a new audio edit, and a full read through after the audio edit on my Kindle which brings the official round of edits to seven.
Day After Edit 
Complete Rough Draft Read Through Edit
MS Word Grammar & Spell Check Edit
Scene by Scene Deep View Editor Assisted Edit
Printed Edit
Audio Edit
Final Read Through on My Kindle Edit
Some bible scholars say 7 is the number of completion. Works for me!
I’ve uploaded it to:
I’m uploading it over the weekend to:
Google Play (this one will take a while)
Please check it out and if you like it leave a review, share it on a social media site and tell an eBook reading friend. If you tell me about the review you could win 7 workouts on DVD. Hey, there is that number again.
Print version available exclusively from January 2013!
Autograph copies available exclusively from
 Bookplates for print versions purchased via will be available too!