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Doing Double Duty as a Full Time Write From Home Student

My original title for this blog post was 
A Day in the Life of a Full Time Write From Home Student in Undergraduate 
School on an Accelerated Schedule to Achieve a Degree, Be Certified and 
Launch a Fitness Business for a Hybrid Career in the Medical and Literary Fields
(but that seemed like a little too long.)
What did I learn in the last three days?
Four days into life as a full time student again. 
Thank God for prayer, because a few times
and a 
teeny tiny bit of 
tried to make room on the already full schedule.
The Holy Spirit honored the prayers 
written in my prayer journals from June to (what is today?). 
Peace I don’t understand has come over me. 
Understanding and every now and again I’d breathe. 
My day looks like this
5AM Wake UP mini me enough to get in the car
5:30 Chauffeur Duty Ex Hubby to Work
6:30-7:20ish Read devotional, read Scripture and write in prayer journal
7:20ish -8AM Wake Up Mini Me and Get her to Pre -K 
8:10-9:30 Exercise, Freshen Up and Get Dressed
9:30-2:15 College Work, Write (this covers blogs, books, et cetera), Lunch (Not all in that order)
9:30-2:15 Try not to answer phone, be distracted, get too lonely
Feel overwhelmed because 
I’m supposed to do what feels like ten hours worth of work in under six
2:15 PM pick up my Mini Me from Pre -K
Check to See if the Ex Mister is Ready to be Chauffeured Home
After my little one is home everything is played by ear
As long as the Mister doesn’t get off the road too late,
I’m in bed between 9PM and 930PM most nights no later than 10PM. 
I need to sleep to do this or 
a close facsimile of it all over again if it is a weekday.
It’s not for the faint of heart YET…
Each moment of each day the Holy Spirit is guiding me. 
I know He is leading me into all truth. 
My reliance on Him is only going to increase as the year progresses. 
This doesn’t cover what my day looks like when I serve at my church. 
Crazy as it seems. I’m thankful and loving every minute of it. 
The parts that aren’t comfortable are growing me.
The parts that bless me are God’s kisses throughout the day
Everything else is an opportunity for God to be glorified. 
Through it all I’ve decided to 

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