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Finishing touches have been done and the foreword has been added from Pastor Marquis Boone. Now all that is left is to make it public. Which will happen once I get home from the gym … Each system makes books live at different times so by Saturday it should be available on most sites and in all e reader formats. 
Is still being written and on schedule for release in September. I hope you’ve signed up for the newsletter so you can stay abreast of the weight loss challenge. I’ll also have a big announcement the last quarter of the year. I’m enjoying this series so much. Even though the characters from the next series are ready to be heard. 
This series is gonna be available next. Once I’m done with the finishing touches on WEIGHING MY OPTIONS. I’ll get acquainted with the ladies from MY CROWNING GLORY. There is one main character but she and her friends have plenty antics ahead to share with you. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do. 
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