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Check out the Cover for Discovering My Strengths and Other Special News for You!

The reveal for the cover was done on my official Facebook Page and here it is for everyone to see. 
October 2013 in honor of breast cancer awareness month we’ll find out what happened with Dominique, Vivian, Jenessa and Becca. 

October 2013 April 2016 is also the same month the third book in the Natural Sistahs series will be released (the second one releases in April 2013). I’m planning and preparing to launch the second and third books in the Natural Sistahs series at the World Natural Hair show so pray for favor and that I’m able to secure a spot in the Book Nook. 
I’ve posted 10 Days of Repentance over at my tumblr and hope you’ll consider joining me for 21 Days of Love as a gift to Christ during the season honoring His birth started. 

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