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Celebration of Wholeness Recap

The lovely actress, host and model Chere Hemphill as  “Dani” 
blessed the event after her husband prayed with a feisty intro monologue. 
Then I shared the tribute to this amazing beautiful treasure. 
After showing her tribute I honored these two Phenomenal women. 
Beautiful, caring, devoted and loving are only some of the 
characteristics of this Phenomenal woman. 

Over twenty years of friendship and we’re just getting started. 
Everyone should have a Phenomenal woman like TifferBug in their life. 
We did lotsa giveaways. Those are always fun. 
Then I honored this gorgeous bundle of awesome. 
First Christian Fiction Author I ever read who has become a dear friend.
One of the few people I’ve seen maintain their wholeness on the Path from Pain to Purpose. 
Last but not least 
My ride or die. The chick who knows all my “ish” a, 
a swell gal and all around “bestie”. 
She and I push each other to never give up on 
living this life. 
Her determination to live and be whole
is unstoppable. 
Characters will be named for two special guests.
Roishina Henderson (onsite)
Chicquita Moore (online)
Here are some other pictures. 

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