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Bringing Healthy Back Update

Making my health a priority until I reach my desired waist circumference has NOT been easy. The truth is when a large amount of stress hit my life in September and bled over into October … my hard work toward staying consistent hit a bit of a 

So thank GOD the move to another part of Gwinnett did NOT happen. Worked out better for us to stay put until the end of the school year, which I’d wanted to do but wasn’t sure how, and GOD (as is His way) worked it out. My daughter’s previous school was at capacity so I had to find another one and I allowed several other high-stress situations to distract me from working out. 
One missed workout turned into two, turned into a week. I believe during the entire month of September I only worked out three times. I did a little better with working out in October but the guilt monster tried to rear its head. But no binges, so that is some PROGRESS. 

The beautiful thing about this is I only gained back eight pounds which is half of what I lost (way too fast) during the summer challenge. And I’m kinda happy I did because the dreaded saggy skin showed up under my arm from losing the weight too fast.

At the current rate of calorie adjustment I’ve selected, I’ll arrive at my goal waist circumference and size in 2015. That sounds like a long ways off but there is a method to my “mild” rate of body transformation.
I put together a workout schedule from the second full week of November through the end of the year (seven weeks) to regain my consistency and help me cope with the stress (let’s face it, it isn’t going anywhere.) Working out the first week I realized I hadn’t lost most of my strength gains and need a lot of work on my flexibility. The consistent activity also helps keep the creative juices flowing which is always good. 

 Toney, Julie, and Briana are going through some serious challenges in their weight loss journey too. I believe they and others who’ve struggled with a consistent healthy way of life can relate to my September and October. We’ll see how they grow through their struggles in the next novel in the wholeness series. 

I’ll share how I grow with you on my journey here and

provide resources I find to help you on your journey too

 soon! Have a God kissed weekend.