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Birthday Weekend Celebrating one of My Favorite Poets and Birthday Mate

Being attracted to tall men, Tupac was never a “crush” for me. 
Listening to his albums he seemed a kindred soul across the country.
When I read his poetry, I feel like we shared a similar gift. 
His creative gift seemed limitless.
Today I celebrate the man, the poet, the creative gift
My birth day (day, not year…that is MY bidness) mate. 
Happy birthday, Tupac. 
Rose…this poem is timeless.
Look past the profanity in his lyrics…and listen to his heart.
Recognize his humanity, and immense pain. 
Hope he came to know the God he recognized. 
I believe thugs need God love most of all (I’m a little biased.)
Only pain can produce destruction so great.
Only the love of God can alleviate so much pain.

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