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Awareness, Wellness and Empowerment , oh my! Gearing up for the My True Essence Summer Awareness Campaign.

So I stopped by my local Christian hobby and craft supply store today and picked up these lovely charms for my one of a kind hand crafted Book Jewelry Marks that I’ll be gifting to some amazing readers this summer. Book Jewelry Marks are ecologically and binder friendly book marks that also make adorable cellphone jewelry and rearview mirror ornaments for those who have converted to exclusive digital reading as I’ve planned to do by 2012. They are beautiful, and all made here in America at my desk to be exact. In the coming weeks people w ho help participate in the My True Essence Summer Awareness campaign will be entered into a drawing and  several winners will receive a book jewelry mark made by the same hands that fly across the keyboard to create spirited stories (ahem… mine).

My True Essence Summer Awareness Campaign Charms

Please feel free to click the contact button to the left and feel out the form to receive your free copy of Love Is…the novel that started it all. Love Is…will only be available from me in ebook form. I will be uploading the recently revised edition to CreateSpace where the print format is available for those interested, my suggestion is you get your ereader or free ereading app ready on your tablet or smartphone and read the free copy.

Stay tuned pictures of the Book Jewelry Marks and the information for the My True Essence Summer Awareness campaign will be posted soon (like this week, soon). Hope you’ll help me spread the word, post reviews, get your .99 copy of the ebook and keep reading! Literature will never die, it just went digital!!!