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Amazing Books I Have Read That I Believe Will Bless You In Addition to the Amplified Bible

God orchestrated for me to meet the author of this book at a time in my life when I needed to be reminded of His love for me. This book gives a great illustration of how much God loves us based on the book Song of Solomon in the bible. It blessed me so much I use it as part of my women’s ministry Diamond Butterfly. EVERY woman in the world should read this book (and a few men too.)
I’ve NEVER been a proponent of the “evangelism tract” not because they don’t work for others, because they never worked for me. This book offers biblical support for building relationships with people you know and allowing your life to be your “witness.” It is quite awesome. 
Reading this story as a preteen helped me realize what happened to me as a child did not have to ruin my life. No one on Earth can say anything to me about this woman that will take away my appreciation for her as a kindred creative soul. Like her I sing, dance, have been told I’m a bit dramatic (whatevah!)  and LOVE to write (prayers, poetry, songs, plays, screenplays, journal entries, devotionals and novels). She inspired me and regardless of how some people feel about her I’ll always thank God for using her to do that. 
This is her best fiction story to date in my opinion and it speaks well to the heart. 
This has to be one of my favorite books of all times it is a great read for YA readers especially African American males. 

I’m not sure what God has in store for the young woman who wrote this novel but I love what the story she released and believe every one who reads her books will be blessed. It left an impression on me, it is EXCEPTIONAL.

My online sabbatical ends next week. Technically Saturday so I’ll be a bit more interactive again on Twitter, FB and YouTube than I have been in August. Hope you’ll consider checking out these books and they bless you as much as they blessed me.