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Adventures of Juicy Mouth and her new sidekick Rubber lips

Are you ready for this? In addition to having to remember how to keep the nerves from making my book audio sound like a chicken fry, my lips decided to do their own thing last week in the studio. Can you imagine?
Words I have not one problem pronouncing in daily life were like kryptonite to SuperMouth last week. Empowerwhing…caused me six takes in one chapter. The producer has taken to recording the bloopers so we’ll see if it is leaked to the press and internet on purpose on my site (you know like Rihanna and Lady Gaga do it.)
Still preparing to post and schedule the prayer points for our 21 day P.U.S.H. for Love in the Body of Christ to begin for December. 
Doing a different version of  P.U.S.H. until December…hope you’ll join me and share the P.U.S.H. with others so we can all come together as a nation and pray.  

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