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A Story Dedicated to Every Woman Who Feels They Have Run Out of Healthy Options

It has been eight months since I began going to the gym and eating healthy as a part of my healthy lifestyle. WEIGHING MY OPTIONS have written what I hope is a story some women who’ve struggled with obesity over an extended amount of time will find at the least entertaining on their path to wholeness. It addresses some of the issues and things I witnessed watching countless hours of weight loss television shows on Netflix, talking to friends, reading blogs on weight loss communities and in my own life.

As of today I’ve lost over fifty pounds. It all started with the same ten pounds I lost and regained from October 2010 to October 2011 because I didn’t want to start yet another “diet”. In October 2011 I began working out on a consistent basis and continue to make it part of my daily life for one reason … I’m worth it.  I’ve experienced on this journey losing not only physical but spiritual, psychological, mental and ESPECIALLY emotional weight along the way.  (In January I’ll share photos and video of my weight loss progress.)

To date this is the most personal novel in my wholeness series because it addresses an area I’ve struggled with almost my entire life. But this story is not about me. I wrote it for you and every woman you know who has struggled with obesity. My prayer is you’ll read it with a greater desire to continue on your path to wholeness. My hope is you’ll see in Toney, Briana and Julie’s story that no matter how much weight you need to lose or why you gained it, there is hope. My prayer is you’ll see you have options.

Check out the first chapter here.