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2012 and 2013 Releases

Revision Released March 2012
Dani wants to love the new woman she has become. Just can’t convince her heart, soul and destroyed womb to accept the dreams she’s had since childhood may never come true. Jenessa’s life was turned upside down by triple negative breast cancer. Keeping it right side up may cost her the identity she’s fought to protect for years. Dominique helped her mother face and conquer their past. Now anger and fear threaten her hope for the future. Despair and dread have picked their next prey, Vivian. She has no idea her new sisters in the struggle to defeat breast cancer will help her find an anchor beyond their support group’s normal therapy. These four women are discovering it’s hard letting go of what was when you never expected what life has become. 
A leopard can’t change their spots. A zebra isn’t able to erase it’s stripes. A butterfly doesn’t get to change it’s wings. Not even the pitfalls, mishaps, abuses, failures, disappointments, trials or tribulations of life are able to alter, erase or change anyone’s destiny. We are able to live the life God had in mind when he fashioned us when we discover and embrace our purpose. 

Decisions, dedication and determination impact each person’s destiny. It’s not something that happens to you without your input or effort. Each moment, each thought, each action decides where we will be eight minutes, eight months and eight years from today. Because that is true we can decide to change direction at any moment. Destiny is the journey along the path of our life’s decisions. God assigns the purpose for our lives. Our reactions, decisions and daily habits determine how we fulfill it.

Toni, Briana and Julie were “thick as thieves” throughout elementary, middle and most of high school.  Almost ten years after high school graduation they see each other at the family reunion and are shocked to find they all passed “thick” a long time ago. Devastated by the death of a cousin only three years older due to complications of obesity they make a pact to lose the weight and bring healthy back. A tempting  wager, desire to live and hope for wholeness leaves each woman weighing her options. 

Anisa Links is on a fast track to success, love and happiness. Prepared to take her professional and personal life to the next level she attends a hair care and style symposium during a girls getaway in Atlanta. She returns home to Macon inspired to explore a new look to go with her new status in life. No one she loves responds to her new style the way she expected. Changing her hair threatens to slow down her progress on everyone else’s schedule for her life or free her to blaze her own trail.