b. 1986, HK.


Former CLIENTS :

Adriana Freeman (INROADS College Links)
Jemerson & Associates
Ladies WorkOut Snellville (formerly Ladies WorkOut Express - Snellville)

Making words dance, sing, and play for readers and listeners is a gift for me.  Partnering with businesses, brands, and nonprofit organizations is not only a dream come true, it is my purpose, passion, and joy.

Sharing the characters and worlds born in the labyrinth of my mind is a childhood dream come true. Falling in love with the power of technology to help people build their dreams using social content happened along the way. Launching my first app for readers Bold Inspiration is beyond anything I imagined before the age of twenty-one.  Being an author, and technical communicator I strive to entertain, educate, and inspire.

“My mission (and I choose to accept it) is to empower you to BE BOLD, teach you how to STAY INSPIRED, and provide content you can’t wait to READ!” Shawneda