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You Have to Cut It... Sunday Inspiration

Taking away or eliminating things is an important part of 
keeping systems running well. 
Many times we have to reduce or eliminate
unhealthy and negative things to be healthy. 

Let's talk hair for an example. 
Sometimes we have to have our ends trimmed
Or cut a significant amount of hair if we've experienced
brittleness, breakage or split ends. 
While for some keeping length is most important
in some instances the cosmetologist will advise you
cut the hair for it to be able to grow healthy and strong. 

This principle isn't exclusive to growing healthy hair. 
Many times when pursuing our goals and dreams
there are things we need to cut from our lives. 
There is a popular rap track playing right now that
has the words "cut it" in the hook. 

If I'm told correctly there is a list of things that
the person flowing advises the subject of his verse to reduce. 
I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment of the song based on
what I was told... nor do I care to go listen to it. 
Just not my preferred style of hip hop. 

There are also a few other things in life we must
reduce or distract to continue to move toward achieving our goals. 

Doubt... just cut it... cut it. 
Procrastination... just cut it... cut it. 
Lying... just cut it... cut it. 
Excuses... just cut it... cut it. 
Self sabotage... just cut it... cut it. 

So many of us are excited, and ambitious
while working to move forward without fear. 
Don't allow anything or anyone to keep you from pursuing 
and achieving your dreams. 

Negative self talk... just cut it...  CUT IT!!!
Know your worth the time, investment, sacrifice,
love and commitment needed to achieve your dreams
even if no one else sees it... God does and so do you. 

God loves you in ways mere words will never describe. 
I hope you know and believe this, because it is true. 
Disbelief in God's love.... just cut it.... cut it. 

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Worth it Wednesdays Continue to Fight to Achieve Your Dreams

Make goals. 
Fake it til you make it. 
Keep going. 
Don't stop. Get it. Get it!
Never quit. 
Just do it!
You can do it!

 We've all heard or read 
these or a variation of these quotes
at least once in our lifetime. 
Most of us have made a goal
Some of us have dreamed dreams
As we age and life continues to happen
The challenges can make us stronger
or break something necessary for us to survive
and thrive after hardships. 

Sometimes we find new dreams after achieving them
Other times we are changed so much by what happens
 our dreams change... but we keep dreaming. 

Sometimes we are challenged and encounter obstacles
that forces us to reconsider everything 
we've ever considered to be a dream. 
No matter what your first dream... 
Super model

If you discovered a new dream
Or realize you still want the original dream
No matter what don't give up on having the best life
you can imagine. 
Don't let anything stop you from pursuing your best life. 

Obstacles will come. 
Challenges will arise. 
No matter what you can't quit. 
Even if you don't become a princess of a country.
You can be the princess of your home. 
If you aren't elected President of a country
President of your own company can change lives too!

You will come up against challenges but it doesn't matter.
You're the most valuable possession you'll ever have. 
When things become hard... don't allow it to stop you. 

Take a rest.
Have a good cry... 
Just don't QUIT!
God gave you the dream and desire 
for a reason. 
Give it all you have. 
And when you've come to the end of your 
capabilities... lean on Him to lead you. 
Nothing is more valuable to God than you. 
Be steadfast...
Let Him guide you through the rough times.
But do not quit pursuing the best life you can have. 

You're WORTH IT!

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