May 21, 2015

God Inspired Girl Power Book Review: JumpStart Your LeaderShip

My favorite book by John C. Maxwell is definitely 21 Irrefutable Laws of a Leader.
I've also read and LOVE "Management Methods of Jesus"

Interactive journals and devotionals are not a thing of the past.
JumpStart Your Leadership offers life applicable reflective points to help guide the leader into developing a service oriented leadership style. 
For previous John C. Maxwell readers this book serves as a "conversational" refresher.

Launching my marketing company and serving in different leadership capacities
the principles in the book were great refreshers. 
I'd recommend this book for those who need and thrive on 
daily motivation, self reflection and have embraced the truth that
"Readers are Leaders."

Recommended for reflective leadership.
3.5 out of five stars. 

May 19, 2015

PubSense Summit Recap Author Edition

March is a blur in my memory with the halfway point of the year days away.
Have to tell you all the amazing contacts made during my day onsite.

Ricci the founder and owner of this amazing new resource for helping authors find readers and readers find authors is a gem. 
Look this service up and utilize their service
May 7th I ran a FreeBooksy ad and my book 
MY TRUE ESSENCE was downloaded 573 times

A great boon for a book four years old.

They are great for series books as well. 
Check them out here

Bursting with excitement to share the good news.
So humbled and thankful 
despite my imperfections, flaws and sin
He keeps blessing me. 

Stay tuned. 

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