Feb 14, 2015

How Can You Not Love Love on Valentine's Day

As much as one should love a phone... 
The appropriate thing to say is I love what I'm able to do for people with my phone
Yes... that sounds better but the truth is... as much as one should
I love my Note 4 and new service provider...
high data charges and all
I had to tell my previous carrier of 14 years... I quit you

But this isn't my marketing company blog sooo... 
I won't bore you with the mundane break up details
Must give them props for the emails to get me back... 
Didn't work though see I need a dual antenna network
They only had one... we were destined to part

Just like me and the Wholeness Series

Didn't realize it would be so hard to say goodbye
Feel like I grew up with the ladies... 
In a way you could say I did
The lessons Solomon must learn I lived
Bittersweet things everyone whose loved and lost faces. 

To enclose your heart and protect it
Risk the pain required to experience love again...

You can start the series all over again with the first story
if waiting for Open My Heart is taking too long for you
Please bear with me. 
Parenting my daughter,
Working full time
Going to school full time and other things
Slowed my writing schedule a "scosche" 
Don't give up on me... this story will be worth it

Hope you are having an amazing LOVE DAY! 
I spent it with my three favorite little girls in Atlanta
In case no one has told you let me be the first to say

Jan 26, 2015

2015 Say Whaaaa

My old phone has almost died... 

I know this may seem minuscule to you but my Note 2 has been a life saver. 

My new Note 4 will be even more. It'll restore my ability to engage with you more. 

I'm excited to tell you about the progress on the Wholeness series. 

The final two stories will be here before you know it. 

Solomon's heart aches so much he'd rather keep it closed then risk being hurt again.

Daniel has to help Rosalyn walk out her purpose by forgetting the pain caused by people only God could help her forgive.

Stacy's life depends on her ability to open the eyes of people blinded by fear based hate to see the truth about God's love.

These ladies have overcome challenges, met goals and received God's promises in their lives. 
Toni, Julie and Brianna have to learn how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle when life changes. 

This Diamond Butterfly devotional was started as I finished shedding 80 pounds. 
I continued writing it as I reorganized my life to continue living healthy after gaining back 25 as I chased my dream of being in corporate America. 
I talk about the challenge of being faced with "losing it again" and  reaching my healthy lifestyle goals.
Living through the challenges and achieving my goals made this book more than a labor of love.
Did I mention I'm also an AFAA certified group fitness and Fuze Craze Dance instructor?
Any and all fitness references are coming from a fitness professional who cares about you being healthy and not just "skinny."

Obesity and being overweight doesn't have to continue to be part of dealing with emotional trauma. 
This Diamond Butterfly devotional is for every woman whose gained, lost, regained, fought to lose more and refuses to accept less than your best health. 

Low Impact Workouts
and More
will be the weapons of unhealthy habit destruction. 
Stay tuned for more details. 

Can you believe it's almost February?

No matter how the first 25 days have been my prayer for you, me for us is to have a
happy 2015.

We like Shawneda