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World AIDS DAY and 7 Year PubVersary for It's in My Blood

Six years ago today I released the story inspired by the death of a friend with
full blown AIDS and how he believed he'd be (mis)treated if he came out about his status to the church. 

This story is still as relevant today as it was in 2009. (unfortunately)
Knowledge is power. Be tested. 
Be powerful. Be compassionate!

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Work in Progress NANOWRIMO DAY 2 Version

Well of course I'm still plugging through and learning tons and tons 
of amazing things and remembering other not so amazing things while finishing my degree. 
I'm riding the energy wave that is NANOWRIMO as I've done
every other year. I'm not even aiming for 50K... I just need to finish this book...

My time management skills are about to be off the chain...
ya know... as soon as the weather stabilizes in Georgia and
I can breathe regularly again... *sigh*... moving on.

I'm also planning to pump out the last Natural Sistah chapeau after  I finish
LOVING MY RESULTS. I'm so ready to start launching the next series.
I'll post the covers here soon but I've already shared one in the 
app. Being a Squad member has it's privileges. 

 I'm squeezing out every second to write I can... and need to continue to do so
Have to get back to writing everyday as a habit... 
In the bathroom. While I'm riding the exercise bike at the gym...
Whatever it takes... early mornings when I don't go to work out. 
Late nights after I finish my studies. 
Whatever it takes... I'm so ready to finish these stories and get them to you. 

LOVING MY RESULTS will be posted in the app for free for 45 days as a gift to you
for hanging in here with me. I know it is easy to forget us authors
when we're not releasing books at the rate you want and I just appreciate
all of you for not giving up on me. 

I'm also gonna be launching the new FREE content in the apps I have already told
Da Book Squad all about... so just click the link above or at the end of this post 
to find out more about that... I'd love to have you in the Squad...
I'm my readers BIGGEST fan! 

Anywho... it's after eleven pm here and I'm going to go so I can wake up
hopefully breathing regular in the morning and pump out a scene or two. 

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