Aug 20, 2014

Write Track Wednesday DO LIFE BIG new addition to the write track for Discovering My Strengths

I've not written much in silence. 
Even when I write on break at my part time job
 music is flowing through the recesses of my mind. 

The emotion, feel, heart of each song
meaning, strength, pain, joy of each lyric
the beat of the bass, sweetness of the melodies
maybe it's because God also gifted me to sing....

Whatever the case may be music is very much a part of my life
No book has been written without a song playing
even when I write my poems I hear melodies

Some of the songs are staples and some only fit a certain story
This new song is one I believe will be in rotation a lot going forward
One of my favorite CCM artists
Jamie Grace just added to the Discovering My Strengths write track

Enjoy and according to God's will and desire for your life

Aug 6, 2014

Write Tracks Wednesday the songs Fueling DISCOVERING MY STRENGTHS

These four women (really five because I'll always love darling Dani) have been a joy to write. 
Music is as much a part of my creative process as my heartbeat. 
Not one story would be told without God using the songs on my list to
help me flesh out the stories in my heart and mind. 

 Take a listen for yourself.... doesn't it just sing strength...

Each one of the ladies Vivian, Dominique, Becca and Jenessa are singing right along with me as I sing with Alicia. 

It's ON AGAIN!!!!

We like Shawneda