May 13, 2014

Teaser Tuesday review of GOD is the GOAL by Taft Quincey Heatley

GOD is the GOAL offers readers a look into the life of Taft Q. Heatley. This book offers insight into his journey from financier to faith filled minister. Heatley looks back over his life with an introspect and rawness most ministers aren't comfortable sharing out of fear of judgment. Each chapter unfolds how he confronted his fears, explored all of his options in life and found the answer to all of his questions. Every believer interested in moving into a more intimate space with God will be able to learn something from the testimony and nuggets shared in GOD is the GOAL.

Apr 25, 2014

Freedom Friday : Get Your Own Understanding

I'm not going to continue to write things based on 
of others. 

Which means if you're a
bible thumping
You may not want to read 
anymore of my books. 

I've always studied the bible in a way
that was abnormal to most
with a Lexicon, using historical context,
prayer or clarity, bible dictionary,
Strong's Concordance and 
understanding of cultural precedence. 

The Spirit and letter of the bible hasn't and won't change. 
Neither has God's encouragement for us to read it and 
follow it's precepts.

What has changed is my writing  majority pristine, proper, perfect characters.

My ministers, clergy, "laypeople" and other
categories of believers will love and strive for
thriving relationships with God
while having sex before marriage, smoking,
drinking, chasing money, cussing and living less than perfect lives. 
The way real Christians live everyday. 

This is an FYI not because the books I've written to date haven't 
included real people ... I've received emails about how I need to tone it down. 
This is an FYI to let readers know 
after the wholeness series, the characters will
be even REALER.
Get ready. 
You've been notified. 

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