God straight checked me yesterday. He took me beyond the place of not having any excuses to showing me how He will help me get to where He wants me to go. So yeah now I have no IFS, ANDS or BUTS (well I still have one butt it has two t’s … I digress. That is for another blogpost.)
God has been dealing with me for YEARS on singing, again. A very long time ago (more than twenty one years to be exact.) I was sat down from doing the one thing I loved to do most. It hurt me to a place deep down in my soul I didn’t know was capable of being healed. 
Guess what? It is and now has been healed.  I finally realized I hadn’t forgiven the people who hurt me. I asked GOD to help me do so on a dimension only He could do so I can be healed where only He can heal me. 
Now I’m *ahem* trying to be obedient. 
Before yesterday I thought I was giving it my all, and the truth is I was giving it my all. I realized in order for GOD to restore what was lost and recover what was stolen I have to allow HIM to help me get to what has been here in my heart all along. A song for Him. 
So now, I really have no IFs, ANDs or BUTS (all gigglers see above paranthetic statement.). GOD has given me a sound. I know it is here. I know it is time to release it. I will trust HIM to help me meet and conquer every challenge in order for me to do what will please Him. 
At the appointed time when HE instructs me to open my mouth and sing, I will step forward and let it out. 
Excuses be gone. I expect to add the victories to these challenges to my testimony! 
What are you expecting to happen at the end of Pentecost? Or are you still making excuses?