I won’t lie and say working on the kinds of novels I write is easy. Each time I sit down to work on one of the stories, I question why God chose me to work on books with such heavy subject matter. I’m not saying that the topics of other Christian fiction is not hard to write, nothing is further from the truth. I just notice a different response when I tell people about my subject matter. Instead of oohh girl that sounds good,  I get ..”whoa, that’s deep.”

My passion to see others live in wellness and the body of Christ bear each others burdens when illness happens in our lives drives me to keep putting fingers to keyboard. Watching my spiritual mom and mentor go through breast cancer in 2001 is what really watered the seeds for this book. When two other women close to me who served on intercessory prayer under my spiritual mom were also diagnosed I knew I would write about breast cancer one day. 

Soledad O’Brien talked about triple negative breast cancer during her last CNN documentary and I knew it had to be part of the story. In true Shawneda fashion of course now I’ll also be participating in breast cancer walks and hoping to spread the word about breast cancer awareness.

I’ll be posting a link to my 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk Team here. I’ll be releasing My True Essence eBook this October in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month.