The signature women’s fiction series for GIG PowHer Press. 

Kendalynn, Carmandi, Patronda, and Elaine are the fictional embodiment of my childhood dreams for progress for women and minorities in corporate America. Each one reminding me of the women who showed and told me I can reach my goals professionally… then walked that talk. You’ll find in each character in GIG PowHer elements of the women God sent to mother me after becoming a part of the foster care system.  Watch the videos below to see their videos and learn a little more about them and their story. 

Making Moves in Metropolis 2020 Cover


Real FirstWives of Metropolis Prequel Cover

Kendalynn, Carmandi, Patronda, and Elaine introduced themselves to me as I finished plotting the final books in the Wholeness series. Exhausted from writing about important and heavy topics like breast-cancer, HIV/AIDS, and obesity, I wondered if I even wanted to write books anymore. Kendalynn, a sassy, big-hearted, beautiful character came to me and refused to leave. So I listened to her, met her cohorts, tried and FAILED at launching an episodic short fiction, Real FirstWives of Metropolis. Over time discovered these ladies’ true passions.  Discovering those passions led to plotting the first book of the GIG PowHer series back in 2014 and rekindling my affinity for fiction writing in the genre I’ve always loved most.