The car accident that totaled my 2005 Ford Focus on September 24th and the death of one of the most advanced technological minds on earth (RIP Steve Jobs) inspired me to revisit the words I want spoken at my funeral. They don’t have to be these words below verbatim but the gist of them is what I’m working towards people taking away from the sum total of my life. I will lay my head to pillow in peace this night and every night knowing I’m not the only one responsible for how this happens.

First off, I don’t want a viewing of my body, wake, funeral and all of that. I want one simple Celebration of Life party where people receive scholarships, show pictures and slides of me and enjoy healthy wonderful tasting food. Before they start the dancing I want someone who knew me well and loved me to say these words.

“Shawneda was not only a woman after God’s heart, she captured it daily. She was heavenly minded and much earthly good. An amazing wife and great mother. The love and time left over from what she gave God, her health and her family was well used in literary and social change communities she served with her multifaceted creative gift and talents.”

It isn’t eerie for me to think about this because I have lost so many loved ones already it’s hard for me not to think about what impact my life will have had once I’m gone.Whether the sentiments above are expressed by one person or one million people is based on giving my best to God and trusting him with the results.  I don’t want people to feel like they can’t go on without me. God forbid anyone believe that no one else is able to do what I do, or complete any projects that I start. My hope is I will have instilled or passed on some knowledge and/or wisdom to each and every person God intended. More than anything else, my hope is to be a better conduit of God’s love.

When you die what do you want them to say about you?