Putting life together after losing several years to the changes in the independent publishing game due to life choices felt like an eternity. After my divorce, I watched the momentum I’d worked to build writing books dwindle to nothing as I shifted gears to rebuild my life. The thought of leaving “author” as something I used to be in my past crossed my mind several times as I prepared to re-enter the workforce as part of my new normal.

I knew having no outlet for the the characters and stories swirling around inside me wasn’t an option. I started with Smashwords but over time realized they weren’t the long-term independent distribution partner for me. Pursuing work that used my writing skills made rejoining the workforce an opportunity instead of a chore. After months of research and watching emerging platforms come and go, I continued publishing to native platforms, then after watching them for half a year decided to go with Draft2Digital for my non-native distribution.

UX Matters

My first attraction to Draft 2 Digital was the user experience. The backend for Draft2Digital is easy to use and simple. 

Draft2Digital Account Page

Click ‘My Books’ for a list of your books and click ‘Add New’ Books for distribution…

Draft2Digital Add a Book Screen

See what I mean… Simple and easy to use. Fill in the fields and move to the next steps which are Layout, Preview, Publish, and Formats.  Each screen as easy to understand and simple to use as the first. I’ll add a post walking you through using the software when I add my next book to D2D.


Draft 2 Digital also provides simple to understand reports with integrations making it easy for authors using mailing lists to grow readership and track analytics. My initial goal when D2D didn’t offer as many platforms for distribution was the ability to offer free books to Barnes & Noble. Over the years other distribution options have come and gone as D2D improved their platform with the addition of library eBook service providers and other popular spaces where readers go to discover new books. As I fully re-engage making time to distribute books using Draft 2 Digital is now an integral part of my systems when publishing books. 

Draft2Digital Accounts My report

A Partner Not a Platform

Authors who became dependent on CreateSpace for book publishing services may find a new resource with Draft 2 Digital. They have several partners for:

  • AudioBooks
  • Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Marketing
  • Author Advocates
  • Directory Services

Full disclosure: I haven’t used most of these resources. I experimented with InstaFreebie, which didn’t fit my business model but may be exactly what you’re looking for to meet your publishing goals. Reedsy is a tool I use for advertising when I release new books and for learning about industry tech with the free email courses. So I’d highly recommend them as well… maybe that’s another post for another day. 

They also provide FREE paperback formatting from your eBook files for you to use to create a paperback version of your story. This is available among a long list of other helpful functions for DIY indie authors, which is why I like the platform so much. With my transition from freelancer to working authorpreneur complete the only thing left for me is to upload copies of my current releases to Draft2Digital.