In addition to loving reading and writing words. I love singing them as well. So much so that as a child I used to play Shadow SuperStar (ooohhh, that sounds like a really good book title, putting a pin right there). I would put a tshirt over my head and sing into whatever stick was tall enough to accommodate my height at the time and pretend my shadow had long flowing hair (you know hanes cotton weave) and sing my heart out for my excited listeners.

For a short time in Milwaukee I even used the vocal talent my biological mother blessed me with in several COGIC choirs and a four person girl singing group at a church whose name I’m not even going to attempt to remember. I typed all of that to say as much as I love sharing and weaving stories I love music, it’s as much a part of me as breathing, loving God, my family and writing…and those things are very much a part of me. So I wanna share the songs I’ve listened to in finishing up Beyond My Status. I think I’ll even do a throwback to what I listened to while I wrote It’s in My Blood and My True Essence.

Are you a writer and if so, do you listen to music while you’re writing? Does the music reflect the message or tone of the book like mine? Would love to hear from my fellow mp3 listeners. There could be a free song in it for you.

Two songs I listen to at the beginning of every writing session are below. They express so beautifully what I’m thinking as I pray before I set fingertips to keyboard. What you may or may not know is that every book I write God gives me a song titled the same thing for it. I see myself learning acoustic guitar and sharing those songs at book events. I love my characters, readers and what I do that much…I hope to see you when I’m strumming one day at a coffee shop singing and reading excerpts. Then the circle of word artistry will be complete.

I start with Natasha (You should so not be surprised by this …the first video was in a library) (smile)

Word of God Speak by Mercy Me   is number two because if God doesn’t show me what to write…