Love yourself. Live YOUR life.

Money can be replaced. 
Cars can be replaced. 
Houses can be replaced. 
Jobs can be replaced. 
People can’t be replaced. 
The role they fill in your life in some cases may be 
filled by someone else, but the person can’t be replaced. 
Time can’t be replaced. 
God can give us the strength to do more with the time we have left
but yesterday and all the other yesterdays are gone forever.

I’ve been told I’d be a good
Daycare Administrator
Real Estate Agent
Victim’s Advocate
Name it, I’ve been told I could do it well.
I’ve been told to go to
Bible College
Law School

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None of those things stuck with me. 
Writing. My foster Dad told me the first month in the home,
I have a gift for writing.
Books are my favorite thing on Earth.
Since 2005, I’ve been a published author.
Creating solutions for others drove my career choices.
Businesses provide solutions. 
I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2000.
My gift for writing and jones for business 
led to completing a Bachelor’s in Business, and MA in English, Technical Communication.

After listening to many people for the right reasons,
and responding the wrong way
I’ve found the strength to live the life God gave me.
Not the one everyone thinks I should. 
I admonish you not to wait long as I did
I pray you do not have to lose all I’ve lost
Take stock of what you have today
Recognize and embrace who you’ve become
Be brave enough, to be honest about who you want to be
Even if some people you love don’t agree.
Move forward
Be bold
Trust God with your heart’s desires
Once you’ve fought to get where you want to be,
Don’t let all the pain, sacrifices and losses be in vain
Love yourself. Live YOUR life. 
Originally posted 4/14 

Carmandi found her strength to live her life for her after losing her husband. Check out her story in Making Moves in Metropolis.