Fly wigs, fresh cuts, new suits, designer dresses…
and the SHOES… fashion show worthy attire
will be donned in churches across America today. 
Celebrating EASTER or
for the more “ecumenically correct” 
Resurrection Sunday
is observed today for most 
denominations of the Christian faith. 
The story of Christ’s execution and resurrection
every time I hear it and the few depictions I’ve watched
kick me in the gut… HARD. 
Based on all of the psychology based personality tests
I shouldn’t believe the love required to be put to death
for no reason for a bunch of people who want you dead
even exists. 
No person of a certain intellect, analytical capability, 
logic and reasoning would need such a “weak premise.” 
Faith is not something most people who think the way I think
ascribe to or deem necessary. 
Kinda sad… but in a weird way I understand. 
The capacity to endure abuse, shame, ridicule, and pain
required to love another human being unconditionally is 
Doing what Christ did one Friday millions of days ago
required an illogical, nonsensical, unreasonable
unconditional LOVE. 
A love I find myself incapable as an INTJ to live without. 
Not because I’m weak but because I know
no matter what life throws my way… 
or I knowingly or unknowingly invite into my life…
God’s love is stronger than reason.
God’s love is greater than logic.
God’s love is wiser than sense. 
Nonexistence of unconditional love
removes the existence of resurrection. 
Whether we’re discussing the love shown by Christ
or the love required to rise from the ashes of hard knocks in life
LOVE fuels resurrection. 
Remember the immeasurable power of love
 today as you enjoy the choirs,
plays, poetry recitals, sermons and 
fellowship with food after service today. 
Whether you’re donning a Donna Karen, DKNY
or a LOVE WEEK t-shirt and jeans… 
hosting an Easter Egg hunt 
or making symbolic donations to missions trips
remember love is what fuels resurrection.

Nothing you endure in life can keep you down
as long as you have love.
God’s love for you,
your love for God,
and love for yourself
fuel the ability to move beyond
any and every difficult situation
and rise to higher heights than you can imagine.
Don’t believe me… do this for 90 days…
Ask God to help you
RECEIVE His love for you,
RETURN love to Him,
LOVE yourself and
share the overflow of the above love with others.

If you do this you’ll see yourself
rising from where you are now
and standing tall above things
you never imagined.

Love fuels resurrection. 

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