I shared how much I appreciated God’s handiwork in the professional cutescovery of George Wilson. 
Another wonderful thing happened while I was watching some straight to DVD films and Let’s Stay Together on Netflix. I realized how handsome Christian Keyes is (especially when he has facial hair.)  
So I confess. I believe God deserves all the praise and honor for crafting such a wonderful creation. 
Another masterpiece of God’s creative power is Terrance J. He was in Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man” as the momma’s boy. Outside of being wet behind the ears, he was a sight to behold. He is almost pretty. Almost. 
I would be “out of order” (Milwaukee slang for wrong) if I didn’t mention the loveliest man  I’ve ever seen named after calcified minerals. You know and love him as a dog loving, muscle flexing, ex wrestler…my friend likes him rough and tumble. 
God made him beautiful whether he has facial hair or not. He loves God and eating healthy. 
Have you discovered any people this year that were a master piece of God’s handiwork? 

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