The Casey Anthony trial has taken  over the airwaves since the young girl was missing and then found dead. People have never believed the mother’s responses were “proper” or appropriate based on what their expectation of a grieving mother should be. If that is the case why are they expecting her to cry now that she just received news she won’t be put to death. Who wouldn’t smile about that?
I’m making this post as a plea to people who have decided based on the minimal and sensational information provided via the airwaves that this young lady is guilty despite not being present for the trial. Our justice system has something called Double Jeopardy which means she will never serve time for the murder of her daughter. Unfortunately the court of public opinion may prove to be a far worse sentence for Ms. Anthony. Everyone from celebrities across the country to diners around the corner from the courthouse have expressed their appall at her NOT GUILTY verdict. My prayer, as I hope others who profess to represent Christ here on earth, is for her safety and for her to move forward and find a relationship with the Lord.