I read a very interesting article about being an overweight teen and premature sexual activity on the Black AIDS Institute website. While it talked about the extra pounds that is more prevalent in the black community the crux of the reason early promiscuity is a problem for these young women seems to be low or no self worth, self value or self esteem. This is the same thing that led the protagonist of IT’s IN MY BLOOD to become a sexual predator and exposed her to a greater risk of infection. I love the advise of Dr. Wyatt for the faith based community to engage in the conversation about sexuality. I believe this would not only help teens but single adults  as well. Just a thought. For ideas on how to get the dialogue going you could have your youth ministry or entire congregation read IT’S IN MY BLOOD and use the discussion questions included.

It's in My Blood  You don’t have to read my book to start the discussion, but it will help to provide a great starting point. Just a thought!