I really love working out. I call myself a relapsed workout addict, and while I’m not strung out I am enjoying my renewed exercise habit. Instead of buying into the lies of advertising and spin media about health you have to study and find the truth about the importance of being healthy. Is diet or exercise more important? Should you focus on cardio, strength training, or flexibility?

Here is the truth I have found about how I respond best to changing my lifestyle for weight loss and when I maintained the weight I’d lost in the first part of my twenties.

What you eat dictates your weight and exercise dictates your shape.
Cardiovascular exercise, weight training and flexibility are all equally important to our health and we each have an area or areas we enjoy doing more than others.

My favorite is cardio, then flexibility and then strength training. Take the time to find out the truth about your bodies response to cardio, flexibility and strength training. Get to know yourself and find the truth about living healthy. Why? Because the truth will set you FREE!