The Body of Christ’s  responses of ridicule and disrespect of the 
women on the show “Sisterhood” is not a good look for the church. 
No one outside of the women who agreed to be on the show 
knows the full motivation for allowing cameras into their lives and homes. 
Were I a nonChristian  watching my Christian connects on
Facebook, Twitter or Social Cam 
seeing some of the response to these ladies show…
I’d have no interest in learning about Christ.
This show is an opportunity for two things to happen. 
People to be entertained and see the behind the scenes
of how some first ladies live their lives. 
Not all, not the majority, at the least…
the five signed up for the show. 
I watched episodes 2 & 3 and came to one conclusion
the women on these shows, their families and ministries
need our prayers. 
Not ridicule. 
Not jokes.
Plain and simple. 
No it’s not funny or fun.
Neither is the ugly side being displayed 
when Christians laugh, jest, ridicule and belittle these women. 
Are some of them a bit over the top? Yes.
Does that disqualify them from being used by God? No.
I have opted not to list the six pages worth of things I wanted to point out about the show. 
Instead I’ve decided not to watch it anymore and help them the best way I know how.
In prayer. 
I hope you’ll join me. 

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