The enemy will take a foothold anywhere he can get it. If he can’t get a foothold, he will literally try to knock you off of your feet.

This is the second ankle injury I’ve experienced this year. The first was when I was coming down Stone Mountain in my journey back to healthier Shawneda. This time I stepped down from where I knew I was supposed to be, due to doubt.

Despite knowing where I was in doubt I took a step back and somehow I still don’t know…lost my footing. I was holding my half awake daughter and chose to twist my body and turn myself to keep from allowing her pain and sprained my ankle somewhere in the midst. All because I doubted. I knew I was where I set out to be, but allowed doubt to move me and the result is I fell. What is the nugget?

If you are on the path you know God told you to be on, and going or in a place you know he wants you to be don’t step back in doubt. Taking a step back in DOUBT makes you vulnerable to unexpected things like sprains, hurting others and other painful things. When you know you’re in the place you’re supposed to be, don’t take a step back. Stand and wait.