It started Friday morning  sitting high and enjoying the aerial view of the layout it ended in my assigned floor seats close enough to hear the presenters at women of faith sneeze on the “front porch”. Each woman and founder of Women of Faith Steve Arterburn shared about their journey to this year’s Women of Faith weekend. While I didn’t get a chance to sit down, hug or talk to them face to face, I met several wonderful women and one man. I also learned about some amazing opportunities to help women and children outside of the United States rise about the gross poverty they’re experiencing. While I respect the grave difference in the levels of poverty outside of our country until I sponsor someone in America I’m not at peace with signing up to help women and children through worldvision, so the hunt for domestic women and children to help has begun (it’s biblical…charity begins at home.)

Here is a recap of some of the highlights. 
Women of Faith scripture for the weekend Ephesians 3:20 

@SheilaWalsh and I share a love for Romans 8 …talking about His promises…you can stake your life on God’s word.

Don’t stay trapped behind phantom walls of shame, guilt, anger or fear. If you can’t tear them down build an imaginary door and walk through. Steve Arterburn

Don’t stay a victim of learned helplessness. The wise consider the council of others @newlife Steve Arterburn

Don’t get locked into anger & bitterness by “justifiable resentment” overcome your past thru forgiveness. Build a bridge of forgiveness over the raging waters of anger, disappointments & bitterness. Arterburn @newlife
Sometimes it takes the courage of a woman to inspires a man to change who has no courage at all.  Arterburn @newlife
Wouldn’t it be great if the Body of Christ stopped to check on each other when we saw each other broken down on life’s highway. @ldharper
Liz Harper loves to read the dead guys like Thomas Herton
If you sin you don’t have to cower in sin or throw the rock of condemnation. Be like Christ and forgive others and yourself. @ldharper
Celebrated the Women of Ringold, GA rebuilding 25 homes in their cities destroyed by the tornado. God bless them!

“In this world you will go thru the perfect storm, take heart I have overcome the world.” Jesus. John 3:33 @sheilawalsh
@sheilawalsh talking about her encounter with an angel one day at 3AM in asylum…the shepherd knows where to find you

“The day is wasted if at some point you don’t laugh and enjoy it.” @LuciSwindoll‘s granny, couldn’t imagine I’d love it so much.

This was such an amazing event. I’m so glad God blessed me to be able to go through BOOKSNEEZE!!!