Writing the wholeness series hasn’t been easy. 
Not easy, but very worth it. 
Because it saved my life.
Not just my creativity, but me, breathing on Earth. 
Each book represents a life lesson. 
Some were learned through other’s lives.
The last few have been … personal.
Even though every lesson hasn’t felt good, I’m thankful. 
I’m thankful for the gift God gave me. 
Life in and of itself is precious. 
Over the years, I’ve found beauty even in it’s ugliest moments. 
Betrayal, neglect, abandonment, and abuse are intense. 
Redemption, love, hope and healing are more intense.
I’m thankful for every tear, every prayer, every stress. 
In each of these things God reminds me, I’m human.
I’ve grown from believing feeling pain makes me weak,
to embracing that it means I’m alive and human.
My heart works, it feels love and pain.
Do I enjoy the pain? No.
But I choose not to focus on the negativity of the moments. 
Moments pass but the benefits of living through hard moments last.
One benefit is emotional experiences to draw from for my characters.
For that, I’m grateful. 
Every thing works for my good.
I’m always thankful for manifestation of God’s word. 

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