Life doesn’t always pan out the way we believe it should
That doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked out for good. 
Today, I’m thankful for what my life is, today, right now. 
For God’s new mercies and countless benefits refreshed each morning. 
I’m thankful for the progress I’ve made and desire to keep going.
I’m thankful for the kindness, love, sincere connections, ability to give,
privilege to serve, audacity to hope, prayers to one day experience real love,
desire to forgive and commitment to grow in my relationship with God that is in my life, daily.
Thankful I’m able to work through my emotions and meet my commitments.
As thankful as I am for what my life is, I’m thankful for what never was.
Despite my childhood traumas, I never entered the sex slave trade.
Despite being a foster child and independent since age of 18
never slept on the streets. 
Despite being abandoned and neglected by those closest to me
I’m still able to love and choose to risk trusting people in relationships.
I’m not bitter (this is HUGE!). 
While my life hasn’t been a crystal stair, it has been better than it could have been.
Pains, attacks, and deaths that could have driven me crazy, God blocked them.
He didn’t allow me to lose my mind, stay in depression, die from hypertension, 
to develop diabetes, to develop high cholesterol or die because of my bad choices. 
He kept me from dangers seen and unseen.
He has taken care of me better than I knew or chose to take care of myself
when life and times became harder than I thought I could or should handle. 
He never allowed me to give up.

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