Writing my first book took me years. 
Love Is… began as a short story called Levels of Love
I started writing it longhand in a spiral notebook. 
I’d pick it up and put it down at least ten times a year. 
I couldn’t connect with the characters
or move beyond the title for several years.
 After giving my life back to God
I started writing again and couldn’t stop. 
My life plan always included writing books. 
Before discovering the world of marketing I studied psychology. 
Planned to become a forensic psychology phenom
and write books about it. 
I considered becoming a lawyer, professor and English professor
who wrote books “on the side.” See the pattern. 
Over the years I’ve switched what I “wanted to be when I grew up”
so many times I stopped counting. 
Learned more about myself with each exploration. 
I noticed writing, creativity and research satiated 
the quirky combination of my professional talents and skill set. 
Working toward learning how to increase the chances of discoverability 
used my creativity and analytic nature and led to falling in love with marketing. 
Something I’ve been doing and helping others do for years before I knew 
what to call it … I just called it being creative. 
Fighting to complete my post secondary education 
has been part of my journey to wholeness because it requires 
trusting God in the places I’ve been told to believe myself to be inadequate. 
Fighting through math anxiety I picked up I don’t know where
and learning to reclaim my AP math skills of from twenty years ago has not been easy. 
Turning off the negative voice of someone who
allowed themselves to be used to chip away at my confidence
has been more than a notion. 
But I’m doing it. 
Every time I complete a book. 
God reminds me I can finish what I start. 
He reminds me I’m a writer, an author AND….
a technical communications generalist.
More than anything He encourages me not to give up. 
Having dual careers has always been my goal.
In addition to being a technical communicator and author
God has also blessed me to be so much more.
The fight to live the abundant life I imagined to be possible
has not been easy… I refuse to give up. 
I’m closer than I have ever been. 
I refuse to be the guy on the bottom. 
Change the guy in the green shirt on the top to a cartoon version of me.
Failing after I tried is nothing new.
Albert Einstein, Milton Hershey, and Michael Jordan prove that failure
brings you closer to accomplishing your goals.
I’ve failed before and I’m not afraid of failing… again. 
You have no idea how many ideas I’ve launched with great flops
or temporary success.
Failure created so many experiences that have been 
instrumental in my success in meeting my goals as an author.
My goals for writing had nothing to do with money…
I wanted people to read my work and. 
Having over 200,000 downloads of just my most popular novel
I achieved the goal of having my book read by people. 
As I near completion of my first series God reminds me
when I trust and rely on Him I can do anything I set out to do.
Instead of giving up on writing I’m setting new author goals.
And still working my fingers and brain to the bone to finish my degree.
On the days I want to chuck my laptop across the room
because trying to master Excel and StatPlus are giving me fits
 I won’t shrink back.
Youtube, online tutors… somehow I’ll find a way to research
how to find the way to get it done the way I did with 
seeing my writing dreams come true. 
I refuse to quit, no matter what I’m going to stay with it!

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