I’m not here to comment or participate in political commentary. 
I’ve only blogged about newsworthy topics in the past in direct 
connection to the purpose and mission of Shawneda.com. 
God inspired girl power books and blog posts 
are part of my purpose on Earth. 
I consider it a privilege to offer bold inspiration to blog visitors 
and app users one word at a time. 
While I’m touched and moved by everything happening
in my country, I refuse to become consumed. 
As a sister, mother, aunt, cousin, and friend 
to both black, biracial and other minority men
I’d never rest if I only focused on all the things that could go wrong.
God inspires me daily to be more like Him
and one way of doing this is by not comparing myself to anyone else. 
Comparison is the death of esteem. 
I’ve read all of the scriptures about not being haughty,
vain, or conceited… and esteem has nothing to do with that. 
Esteem is the basic valuation you place on yourself
which I’ve found has nothing to do with the opinions of others.
Once I remembered this lesson from when I became 
reacquainted with God back in my 20s
I found myself smack, dab in the middle of where I always want to be…
which is inside of God’s will. 
For a long time, I neglected to prove myself to myself. 
Allowed myself to be caught up in the manipulation of others
who wanted to keep me around for what I did for them, and not who I am. 
Once I realized what these people were doing… it hurt. A. LOT!
I didn’t really allow it to stop me because the truth is I couldn’t afford to stop. 
God healed me and showed me where He’d kept me whole
despite everything that happened and I am and will remain 
forever grateful to Him for it. 
Many of the life lessons have helped me truly love the path I’m on and where I am. 
Fear of not knowing how I’d achieve the goals and see the dreams 
I’ve dreamed for centuries come true couldn’t overpower
the assurance and peace that comes from trusting God with my life. 
Worries, frustrations, disappointments, challenges
and failures are a part of life I could allow to break me
or trust God to use to mold, rebuild and grow me. 
As I continue taking the daily steps toward reaching my 
professional and personal goals I’m thankful God has taught me 
how to find joy in the only person
 I compare myself to being who I used to be. 
Not worrying about trying to be anyone other
than who God created is amazing. 
No matter how old you are or what you’re trying to do
the first step to being successful is being yourself. 
Once you know your strengths, weaknesses,
gifts, talents, and skills you have a better chance to succeed. 
As you embrace the God-given and life built capabilities
your purpose and path become clearer. 
Don’t get frustrated by the accomplishments of others.
They aren’t your competition. 
Be sure to celebrate successes with others
and see their success as a testimony of God’s faithfulness. 
You can do anything you put your mind to do. 
That is how God made us. 
You’ll excel at what God created you to do
and when you know who you are and love yourself
You’ll find He’ll move Heaven and Earth 
for you to share the gift He placed inside you with others. 
Don’t give up on being yourself. 
Love ALL of who you are 
and trust God. 
He never fails. 

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