2012 I heard God give me the instructions He continues to remind me is top priority in addition to writing God Inspired Girl Power books. 

Finish your degree.

Now I’m no spring chicken. Truth is… I’d given up on completing my degree years before for a myriad of reasons unimportant now. The most important thing now is God never gave up on the importance of completing my education to me. When I first learned how to delight myself in Him, He planted the desire for higher education in my heart. He deposited a deep-rooted desire inside my soul to use the capacity to love others as I love me (it’s biblical-check ya word.)

Do I believe everyone has to have a college degree to be “successful” or in God’s will for their lives? NO!

Do I KNOW completing my post-graduate education is imperative to be aligned with His will for mine? ABSOLUTELY!

If you have read any of my books from the Wholeness series or devotionals you’ll discover I am a proponent of having an intimate relationship with God the Father, Son and ESPECIALLY the Holy Spirit. He guides and leads into all truth.

Truth is in order to complete my degree I have to tell my family, friends, cohorts, peers, child and MYSELF no on a regular basis. The sacrifice of my time to not just “get my papers” for the title or financial benefit of having a degree is not as important as extrapolating every bit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding available for me to be an asset and benefit to future employers and clients including myself. 

So since 2013 I have been mastering, embracing and executing the eternal art of no. Without apology to most or regret with many because I am now and will always be devoted to fulfilling the purpose of One. 

Don’t be afraid to say no to people when it is a direct result of saying yes to the purpose for your life on the path laid out before you by God. 

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