Answers to prayers I lifted up years ago are being answered. It hasn’t been a full month but the seeds of obedience are sprouting and showing leaves. Excited about the harvest. In addition to sowing obedience I’m also sowing gratefulness at the same time.  It is hard to be worried about what you need/want when you’re grateful for what you have.

Been enjoying the freggies this summer. Also have pinpointed which local markets I’m gonna support for fresh produce this summer. Did I mention I’m excited about eating what is being grown fresh during this season? I am! Have you check out the CSAs in your area and urban grower communities near you? Hope you’ll consider it if you haven’t. Eating seasonal is less expensive and adventurous so far. 
My birthday started with enjoying an amazing time in ministry with my brothers and sisters in Christ and ended enjoying a great evening with some of my oldest, closest and dearest sister friends at a local restaurant. These ladies represent some of the most beautiful things about women I’ve come to appreciate. They are the people who inspire the characters (in a very good way) in my books. There is a bit of them in each of the good friends you’ve read about like Phoebe in It’s in My Blood, Jenessa & Dani in My True Essence and characters in books still to come. Starting in high school God used these women to show me sisterhood, friendship and love.